I recently read an article written by Charles Schwab in which he said, “Accountability is one of the reasons I started this company, and it continues to drive how we do business today.” Mr. Schwab has built one of the most respected and recognized companies in the financial and investment arena today by adhering to some strong values.

While Kopplin and Kuebler, LLC does not nearly reflect the size and scope of the Charles Schwab Corporation, our commitment to the values we have embraced through the years has remained constant. In addition to accountability, we also believe that integrity and transparency are key factors in a successful business relationship.

Whether it is working with our clients or our candidates, our goal is to provide outstanding service and trusted advice while maintaining the highest standards of accountability, integrity and transparency. Staying grounded in those values, we believe, is fundamental to our ongoing success as a company. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

Dick Kopplin 
Richard M. Kopplin, is a Partner of Kopplin & Kuebler, LLC, The Most Trusted Names in Private Club Executive Placement.