If you have applied for one of our openings lately you may have noticed two ways to apply for most of the positions we list. You can send an email to me with a resume and detailed cover letter attached or (and here is the new method) upload your resume directly to the job posting. Some of our newest listings even request that you upload your resume and cover letter directly as the only option.

Why? With the expansion of our search team, our locations, and our number of searches; it has become necessary to streamline the application process and store those applications in a central location. It has already cut down on the number of emails back and forth (and who doesn’t benefit from that!) and will hopefully continue to improve our productivity and response time.

How does it work? Click the link at the end of the candidate position profile for that particular position and club you are interested in, and then complete the online form. The application process takes just a few short minutes if you have a resume and cover letter ready to upload.

1. Type your email address, name, phone number, street address, city, state, zip code, tell us how you heard about the position; and then click the Continue button.

2. Upload your resume by clicking the Choose File button then navigate to the appropriate file, click your resume file (Word or PDF format) in the list of files, click the Open button in the Open dialog box; and then click Continue.

3. Upload your cover letter (addressed to the Search Committee of the Club and formatted like a proper cover letter) by clicking the Choose Filebutton and following the same directions as step 2 above; and then click Continue.

4. The last page that displays in the process will inform you that your application was submitted successfully. You will then receive an email confirming your application and we will be notified that your application was submitted successfully.

It is a simple and quick process and eliminates the need for you to send us a detailed email along with your resume and cover letter. We hope you find the process helpful and we welcome your feedback.

It is important to note that the rest of our process remains the same and is why we are so successful in finding the right candidates for our client clubs. Our new application process just makes it easier for you to apply and for us to manage the applications.


Nan Fisher
Nan has worked with Dick Kopplin for over 10 years. She is the Administrative Manager at Kopplin & Kuebler. E-mail your “Ask Nan” questions to:nan@kkandw.com