I have heard just about everything you can imagine from prospective candidates applying for various opportunities represented by Kopplin & Kuebler. We try to advertise our opportunities within the club industry to minimize the exposure to the “public at large” but with the Internet these days our opportunities are appearing on a lot of rogue career websites and hence we receive applications from some that have no correlation to the club industry. We know it is tough out there for many people so we try to be gracious in our response to these applicants, but also let them know that we are fairly niche-oriented and most likely would not be able to help them.

Recently an applicant applied with the subject line: “General Manager/COO Sumbittal.” (Yes, that is the way the applicant spelled it!) The message read: “Please consider my credentials (CV attached) for the subject national job opportunities.” Nothing specific, just a general email with a resume attached. After reviewing the “CV” it was clear that this applicant had no experience in the club industry. I responded, explaining what we specifically do and how we are positioned in a niche industry. I further explained how club professionals generally have earned top club management positions by “working their way up through the ranks.” I thanked the applicant for his interest and gave my sincere wishes on his career endeavors.

To my surprise I received the following response:

“I appreciate your response; however, I disagree w/your premise of those that would succeed in a General Manager capacity. The learning curve for this job is relatively nominal – I would think you would be searching for a results oriented professionals with a keen eye for profit.

You’re running a business, not a golf academy. I will share that I’m an avid golfer (10 handicap), which is the easy part. I’m also a tremendous business leader, with considerable success as a professional in the public and private sector. Let’s be frank, at the end of the day this job is about the money in the course bank account, managing site resources, and eliminating excess. It’s not rocket science.”

Well, it may not be “rocket science” to this applicant but it is our “rocket science!” I have witnessed how our club professionals have educated, nurtured and developed their profession with “rocket science” precision to create and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle environment for their employees and the members they serve. These club professionals spend untold hours maintaining multimillion dollar businesses with smiles on their faces and servant’s hearts. So don’t tell me this industry isn’t committed to performing at Rocket Science precision levels. We see the successes every day!

Now, let me see, what can I use for a Title to this little piece.

“It’s not Rocket Science.”
“You’re running a business, not a golf academy.”
“The learning curve for this job is relatively nominal.”
“How not to go about finding a job in the Club and Hospitality Industry.”

Everyone, please have a happy and safe holiday season and we will see you in 2012! – NF

Nan Fisher

Nan has worked with Dick Kopplin for over 10 years. She is the Administrative Manager at Kopplin & Kuebler. E-mail your “Ask Nan” questions to:nan@kkandw.com