KK&W provides career resources for clubs, chapters, industry events and individuals — on paper, on-line and in-person. With exciting new programs, we help everyone put their best foot forward.

Our team-building events focus on building cohesive, respectful and cooperative teams where everyone brings 100% of the best they have to offer to the table. The programs are designed for fun, learning, employee engagement, boosting morale and giving back to the community in a philanthropic manner.

Insightful seminars and workshops that present actionable strategies are valuable to educate participants and guide them to realizing their potential. Our career workshops are designed in an interactive manner and participants take an active role in career development, whether it is finding their voice for public speaking/presentations, communicating effectively, interviewing, networking or personally marketing themselves for career success.

We are available to work with industry professionals to ensure optimal career readiness. We develop compelling personal career marketing materials (portfolios, resumes, cover letters, bios, LinkedIn profiles) for individuals and club websites that communicate the best of each individual.  And we customize programs and tools to best meet the needs of the organization or individual and provide exceptional personal service and attention to help achieve given goals.

For additional information on our offerings through the KOPPLIN Career Resource Center, please contact Michelle Riklan directly at 908-415-4825 or michelle@kkandw.com.