Ask Nan: “I want to become a Club GM/COO – Where do I start?”

We have received many e-mails from aspiring young club professionals and students applying for our senior club management positions, primarily the General Manager/COO opportunities. While we welcome their correspondence and enthusiasm, it is tough, if not impossible, to parachute right into the top position of a club. Experience and success at every operational aspect of a club are the keys for a club professional to become the Chief Executive.

So I thought a little career guidance was in order. The best way to approach a career in Club Management would be to ‘get your foot in the door’ so to speak at a Club and work your way through all of the departments. There are many committed Club General Managers/COO’s that have instituted internships at their club’s for the expressed interest of grooming the next generation of top club executives.

The next question is: “How do I find out about these opportunities?” Your very best resource would be the Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA). Consider joining a local CMAA Student Chapter or Regional CMAA chapter to enhance your knowledge and networking. CMAA’s web site has a Career section that lists current MMCO (Mid Management Career Opportunities) and Internships available at Clubs across the country. You do not need to be a member of CMAA to view these position posts.

CMAA has provided an outstanding brochure for those considering a club management career “Club Management, A Path to a Rewarding Future” that should answer just about any of your questions. You can find it on our web site by clicking here.