Resumes need to be reflective of how much time and tenure you have in the business. Rarely is a one page resume able to fully convey the accomplishments most people have in the industry, but do not fill a resume with subjective, non-qualified statements.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and assume that he/she knows nothing about the club or business on your resume. Provide a basic ‘snapshot’ of the operation and where it’s located, as well as your job title. The ‘snapshot’ should include an overview of FACTS—size of the operation in gross revenues, number of members (if applicable), overall amenities, etc.
  • Provide a bulleted list of key overall responsibilities (NOT basic ones that would be assumed) and oversight scope along with a bulleted list of verifiable key accomplishments and the metrics associated with them (For example, “Significantly improved employee morale” is NOT an accomplishment without having a metric to support it…”Significantly improved employee satisfaction from 58% to 89% two years after assuming my role” if able to be validated is much better!).

The 5 Super Secrets to Getting Your Resume Read

What makes a resume stand out in the midst of the dozens that come across the desks of professional headhunters, human resource managers and executives alike?

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Resume Sample

Cover Letters

Cover letters should be no more than two pages in length and should clearly address the issues/specifications outlined in the position – how do you align with this position, and why is this role of interest to you? Subjective statements are never as good as metric/objectively measured ones that can be validated to support the point you’re trying to make.

Cover Letter Sample