We are all again in that “start of the new year” review mode. You may have reviewed your position descriptions, updated your insurance policies, prepared your operating budget, and looked over and spruced up the menus, but have you reviewed your security program? Chances are you may not even have one. It doesn’t take a Herculean effort, but the payoff might be beyond price. I don’t like to be the voice of doom, but putting in a little time on the front end in the security world can payoff big. The trouble is that, if you are successful, no one will know what a great job you did. A security plan is something like an insurance policy- if you spend the time in preparation now, you may get the payoff later. But the security plan is better in one way. If you do it right, you may not have that problem later. Do an audit of your property. A simple walk through and review by you, the GM, is better than nothing. A full audit by your security director or a consultant is even better. Here are the basics:

  • Look at your locks. Make sure they are high quality deadbolts. Make sure you know who has keys. If you are not sure, get them re-keyed.
  • Have a functioning quality alarm system, and use it. Be sure to have cellular backup on the monitoring system.
  • LOOK at your exterior lighting at night. Does it cast light on the areas that a burglar would prefer to have dark?
  • Check your security attitude. Are your security policies up to date? How are your information security protocols? Are you following your policies?
  • Do you have a surveillance system? Remember that cameras are only good if you can actually see a usable image.

These few points are enormously simplified and are really intended to get you started thinking. Security is not overly complicated, but it takes your focus. You have to look at it like anything else at your property. Consider, review, act. Be safe! – KP

Kevin R. Peters Kevin Peters is a retired federal agent and former club manager who conducts the candidate backgrounding for Kopplin & Kuebler, LLC. He is also owner of KR Peters Security, LLC, a security consulting company primarily servicing the private club industry.