Our process really starts out understanding what our client’s true needs are. We do that in a number of ways. Not only meeting on site, with each client, but having them complete some due diligence survey work, prior to us getting started. That helps to give us a good foundation of what everybody’s expectations and aspirations are. We gather the facts about a club. Not only do we need to know expectations, aspirations, but we need to know the facts of what the club’s all about, both good and bad.

Once we start that, our connectivity to candidate clients out there are pretty significant. We can resource people from every aspect of the club industry, as well as a broader scope with the hospitality industry. Once we’re out, in the market, sourcing candidates, we’ll do that typically for four or five weeks, understanding that we’ve got to validate their alignment with the special needs of every individual club, gathering lots of background information that we share with a club, prior to them selecting candidates that we want to bring in for more in-depth interviews.

Part of that whole process, too, we’re doing very deep background checks. We’re finding an awful lot out about candidates, whether it’s on social media, factual information from degree verification, credentials verification, you name it. We’re working in facilitating the whole process, beginning to end, including extending an offer to a candidate once we’ve gone through and agreed that the alignment is as good as it can be.