Well interestingly enough, I just got back from the Philadelphia Union League Club today and food is always the hot topic of conversation in the club business. It’s always interesting to see what the top clubs in the country are doing. Union League Club definitely is one of the top clubs. Food, what people want to eat, small plates, more of a commissary kind of restaurant is starting to happen around the country. The thing I think we see the most of is just more of a business approach than it used to be. We see a lot more people strategic planning, looking ahead, figuring out who they want to be in five years, ten years, who their members are going to be in five years, ten years.

I think that’s the biggest trend that we see and we’ve been trying to help our clients with. That’s really where we see the business going. You can’t loose the familial part of the business, but you have to start running the club like a business.