I think I can answer that question most effectively by talking about the growth of our firm. Over the 21 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen our company grow organically and methodically. We’ve added additional partners as necessary, search executives, and strategic consultants who really contribute their expertise to the growing placement and consulting needs of the private club industry. I’m proud to say that we now have offices in six cities and we all work as a team on every assignment whether it’s a search or a strategic plan. We have a very deep bench of knowledge at Kopplin, Kuebler, & Wallace. Our professionals have all had success in their own right in the club industry and they’re committed to sharing that knowledge for the benefit of our clients. Our clients consider us as their thought partners for their future success. Our relationships don’t end with the placement, that’s actually just the beginning. We have a very deep networking infrastructure that we’ve developed over the years and we participate with our industry associations, like the Club Managers Association of America, the CMA chapters, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, and the PGA, the Professional Golfers Association. We are currently providing in conjunction with the Club Managers Association a program called the Leadership Governance Presentation, which is being done throughout the country for club board members and for club general managers. We speak annually at the Club Managers Association. We’ve also spoken internationally and at national and regional conferences. We teach at the CMA’s Business Management Institute, and we’ve done over 150 strategic planning retreats and team-building seminars every year. We’ve been the sponsor of the Club President of the Year for BoardRoom Magazine, and we also sponsor the Chef to Chef Conference. Our database of over 4,000 contacts allows us to cast our net wide and deep whenever we do a search.