You know, I think everybody in our firm, not only have we done this for quite a while in the search side of things, but every single one of us are former club managers. We’ve done the work for the positions in most instances that we’re sourcing candidates for, so we can separate fact from fiction. All of us have had pretty significant positive successes in our club management days, so I think we have a pretty good understanding of what works, what doesn’t work. We’re probably as involved in the industry from a professional development and education perspective as anybody is out there in this club industry in this day and age. I think we therefore have a great opportunity to get into a number of clubs, see what’s working, see what isn’t, and I think because of all that, our understanding of what’s relevant in today’s club market, I think is pretty strong, and it’s hard to fool us. We’ve been fooled, but it’s hard to fool us when we, when we go through the process of identifying good candidates who meet a club client’s particular needs.