Club & Board

There are many success factors that play role to a strong and effective club board.  KK&W has unparalleled experience in working with Clubs & Boards in helping to guide the team and volunteer members to improve its effectiveness and performance.

Our Club & Board department through the KOPPLIN CLIENT RESOURCE CENTER is a one-stop shop for all your needs.   Our goal is to prepare your club and leaders for what lies ahead and guide then through the process of attaining established goals.


Annually, KK&W host several summits geared toward Leadership development of the top Chief Executives/GMs/PGA Professional/Chefs in the hospitality industry. The events typically provide networking opportunities in addition to a full day of engaging leadership education.

The KK&W Summits have broadened the base to include a group of up and coming leaders in the industry that are developed through a mentoring program.  This mentoring helps to mold and develop these individuals and set them on the path to future success in upper level management in the club industry.

President’s Council

“The President’s Council on the Club of the Future”

A networking event of Club Presidents, Club Executives, and Board Members.

This program is geared toward Club Presidents, Board of Directors, GM/COO and key members of the Senior Staff of your Club and will provide key insights, metrics and perspectives FROM THE PREMIER ADVISORS AND CONSULTANTS WHOM SPECIALIZE IN what high performing clubs are doing to stay on top, relevant and successful in today’s evolving club world.


For detailed information and event registration please visit our ‘Upcoming Events’ page by clicking HERE.