In an effort to provide a full list of service offerings for our clients and client clubs, KK&W has expanded our list of recommendations to include a highly experienced real estate and business attorney whose practice is focused on the private club industry. [learn more]

Robyn Nordin Stowell, Esq. is one of only a handful of attorneys recognized nationally in the hospitality and resort industries for her unique experience in golf course and private club matters. She represents clients throughout the United States, including properties that are recognized as some of the most exclusive in the world.

Working closely with private clubs, golf resorts, non-profit entities, developers, borrowers, lenders, and member groups, Robyn brings her extensive industry experience to bear when developing creative solutions to achieve her client’s goals and resolve their pressing legal issues. She advises clients on club turnovers, equity conversions, the purchase, sale, and financing of golf and resort assets, structuring of member-financed renovation and expansion programs, contract negotiations, and the sale of amenities valued in the tens of millions of dollars.

Robyn helps clubs update their bylaws, joining documents, rules, policies and forms.  She helps clubs ensure that they adopt best practices, incorporate useful provisions and forms, and protect the club.  Robyn is particularly experienced in complex real estate and financial transactions involving multiple sellers and buyers with golf, spa, retail, fitness, clubhouse, and residential community assets. She regularly counsels private clubs on governance and membership issues and advises clients on a wide range of legal issues, including restructuring of club operations and membership offerings, cybersecurity and data privacy, contracts, water, insurance, employment, operations best practices, and settlements involving real estate, golf course and club litigation.

As a national thought leader in the private club and golf resort sector, Robyn is a regular contributing columnist to BoardRoom magazine, writing on topics that are timely for club operations and governance. She is a frequent presenter at the Club Management Association of America’s (CMAA) Business Management Institute, CMAA Annual World Conference and CMAA Chapter meetings around the country.

Practice Areas

• Private Clubs
• Resort & Planned Communities
• Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Real Estate
• Corporate & Securities


  • Private Clubs
  • Global Club & Branded Residences
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Travel
  • Real Estate

Services Offered

Bylaws – review and update for best practices, legal compliance and operational efficiencies.

Joining Documents – review and update to provide the best legal protection for the club.

Policies – provide applicable policies to align with revised bylaws, comply with law, and allow the board the best operating efficiencies.

Legal Compliance Audit – review of all documents and related processes, to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Board Orientation – provide content for board orientation related to all legal issues and board legal responsibility.

Other Legal Compliance Audit and Advice – our team can also provide compliance audit services on related legal issues, such as employment, cyber security, COVID response and more.

Local Counsel – our attorneys are licensed in many states but in those few states where we do not yet have attorneys we can work efficiently and collaboratively with the club’s existing local counsel or our own local counsels as needed in any given situation.

Contact Information

Robyn Nordin Stowell, Esq. is a Partner with Spencer Fane LLP.  Please contact her directly for assistance:

2415 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 600
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 602-333-5467
Cell: 602-300- 5326