First and foremost – the purpose of such audits and assessments is NOT to produce a plan – it is to produce RESULTS! You must start with the end in mind.

The Benefits of the KK&W Club Operational Audits & Assessment:

  • The fundamental objective of our Club Operational Audits & Assessments is threefold.
    1. To create Quality, Variety and Value for the members
    2. To allow for all those involved (staff, Board and Committees) to run Club Operations as a business with goals, objectives and metrics identified to measure success
    3. To develop a culture of Teamwork, Knowledge, Professionalism, Commitment, and Teaching
  • Ensures members and employees buy-in early in the process to facilitate positive change.
  • Helps your club staff understand how to achieve total membership satisfaction and meet financial objectives.
  • Creates a healthy and disciplined new methodology for decision making around the club operations.
  • Generates a road map of clear, measurable, and achievable goals.
  • Clearly defines cost and timelines to accomplish goals.
  • Defines member and employee goals, helping to avoid deviation from the plan.
  • Lends a greater degree of confidence in the club operations.

Most clubs we see today who are outperforming expectations generally have an active and relevant set of Master Goals for all their key departments.  These clubs tend to be the ones who are not making ‘reactive’ decisions, but rather have a clear, highly proactive, and well-communicated plan that reassures the membership the club is strong and viable.

KK&W operational audits & assessments include reviews and evaluations of:

  • Aquatics
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Full Agronomic Consulting & Review
  • General Organizational Review
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Golf Course Master-Plan
  • Golf Operations
  • Pro Shops & Retail
  • Racquet Sports
  • Secret Shopping