Education is a Key Component of our Mission

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since our founding, more than anything else, donating our time for the furthering of our industry’s students, junior managers and continued education for our leaders has been a foundational pillar and passion of KK&W.

Our commitment to education remains strong.  Since 1996, KK&W has collectively donated countless hours to industry-wide education endeavors and that continues to grow each year in addition to providing significant financial support to The Club Foundation and CMAA.

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This seminar addresses critical issues facing General Managers/COOs in today’s club environment, including:

  • What are the five “Key Strategies” all Model Clubs have in common?
  • How to condition the Board to accomplish more in their meetings in less time
  • How to increase the value of the General Manager/COO in the eyes of the Board

Learn More – Workshop Model Clubs & the Best Practices Summary


This workshop identifies specific strategies that assist department managers in facing the variety of challenges in the club business. The half-day agenda will include:

  • How to turn your “work group” into a “winning team”
  • Management strategies for all the department heads that really work!
  • Five key questions to ask your employees
  • Benefit from an energized team of department heads

Learn More – Workshop Team Development


This program is about practical strategies and tactics that leaders can engage to maximize their potential and the potential of the entire team, including:

  • Proven strategies for leading employees by engaging “cutting edge” ideas and concepts
  • “The Keys” that can motivate even the most difficult employees
  • The Value of “Moments of Truth” and specific tactics for engaging this powerful culture changing strategy

Learn More – Workshop Jump Start Your Leadership


This program outlines the skills and traits that club boards are looking for in a General Manager. It is designed for both current and future general managers.

We cover the following topics:

  • Are you a Manager or a Leader?
  • The top skills that a board is looking for
  • Setting standards at the Club
  • Team Building and Winning Teams
  • How to build trust with the Club and your Team
  • Communication Skills