The people and teams we celebrate as “The Best” will tell you how hard they worked to achieve that status….They will tell you how they trained Every. Single. Day.

KK&W provides Food & Beverage training that focuses on the fundamentals, product knowledge, describing menu offerings, pairings, crafting a spiel, making recommendations, steps of service “do’s and don’ts,” emotional skills, habits, accountability and how to deliver exceptional service at a luxury level in line with today’s high guest expectations.

The core of our programming is growing passion and confidence. Our interactive workshops involve storytelling, sharing experiences, role playing, situational awareness and more. We connect your team to the experiences they are delivering by helping them enjoy the processes and products your club is extending to the membership.

When we train, we work with your employees and leaders to plant seeds of genuine interest for Food & Beverage. We create the foundation of knowledge, then work with you to build systems, habits and tools by which excellence grows daily within your food and beverage operations.

“I think what sets me and my programs apart is my passion for training. I find I can relate to the teams I work with because I practice what I preach and share relevant stories – both wins and losses. To be the best at anything you have to train every day, and thankfully, I am able to achieve that through my industry projects, partnerships and friendships.”

Annette Whittley, Consultant and Search Executive

Private Club Food & Beverage Training & Consulting Services

We recognize that a firm commitment to talking, tasting, and experiencing steps of service and F&B daily is at the heart of what your organization will achieve.

The education we have crafted at KK&W grows passion and confidence through training. Our interactive workshops involve storytelling, sharing experiences, role playing, situational awareness and more.

We connect your team to the experiences they are delivering by helping them enjoy the processes and products your club is extending to the membership.

By investing in this  opportunity, successful country club leaders and their teams will have a plan in place to execute their opening or re-opening to perfection.  After investing in a capital improvement project expectations will be at their highest. Through our consultation and training your organization will be supported in planning, communicating and preparing for a successful restaurant launch.

The expertise of Annette Whittley and our trusted partners, who have opened or reopened dozens of food and beverage operations throughout their careers, look forward to ensuring a smooth and memorable opening or re-opening for your private club dining outlet(s).

You simply do not achieve excellence without training. The organizations that are recognized for service excellence in hospitality build training into their days, weeks, months, and years. We will help you create a culture of learning and development excellence at your private club. The offerings below are available online and in person, and are customizable to your organization and culture. Our goal is to build a foundation that will allow you to achieve EXCELLENCE daily with your teams.

Designed for Department Heads, Managers and Staff Teams – Full or Half-Day Customizable Programs are available

Refresh your training, your standards and your hospitality skills through this interactive workshop.  Whether you have a seasoned team, or brand-new interns, this program covers the fundamentals of hospitality excellence. Topics include service, teamwork, listening, problem solving, handling complaints, and how to do this with grace and a hospitality heart.

Expected Outcome:

Provide front-line teams with a foundational working toolkit of skills to deliver natural, engaging hospitality to private club members and their guests. This day is an excellent refresher for seasoned professionals and a must attend for all new team members.

Target Program Participants – Member Facing Employees:

  • Concierge
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Golf Operations
  • Greeters (include security, front desk, etc.)
  • Racquets Operations
  • Valet
  • Housekeeping
  • Grounds

Chef Mentorship / Chef Development

In the current labor market mentoring for success versus replacement may be a solution if the chef is liked by the members and has the willingness to learn. In this program Chef Ed serves as role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate, and ally. Specific goals, objectives, and timelines will be negotiated with the Club Manager and/or Board. Arrangements can also be made for the club to send their Chef to spend a week with Chef Ed for enhanced learning and witnessing “Culinary Pride®” in action.

Team Building

Culinary programming for both FOH & Culinary teams, organized cooking competitions that group teams of two or three people to cook together and produce a three-course meal. All templates and guidelines will be provided.  Chef Ed will serve as lead judge along with additional representatives from the board, committees or club management.

“Make It On The Menu” Competition

Facilitated by Chef Ed, culinary team members compete to develop a dish. Winning dishes make it on the menu with name recognition such as “Dave’s Fish Tacos,” giving team members a sense of pride.  This opportunity also results in club members getting to know more of the culinary staff and enhances their food and beverage experience.

Consulting & Coaching Programs

The following services are designed to increase operational performance, brand consistency, and support a culture of excellence. Hands on training can also be incorporated.

  • Site visit and objective assessment measured against Chef Ed’s “Culinary Pride® program as the benchmark.
  • Assessment of the perception of Club Management, Board and Committees, and Members regarding satisfaction and goals of the culinary program.
  • Assessment of team performance and quality standards in all areas of the culinary operation from kitchen equipment, working habits, sanitation, food preparations, processes & methodology used in daily preparation, quality of finished product and over all culture.
  • Opportunities assessment advising key leaders on action plans, equipment investments, training needs and areas of focus necessary to raise the bar and benchmark the culinary program.
  • Coaching the key chefs on what is needed to build a receptive culture that fosters pride and excellence.
  • Planning and prioritizing goals and strategies resulting in improved culture and member satisfaction within the culinary program.
  • Regular accountability check-ins and communications with key leaders to ensure commitment and progress.

Training and Motivation
Building A Culture Of Culinary Excellence & Creating The Member Experience Through Food

Chef Ed’s renowned “Culinary Pride®” program will inspire, create food for thought, and energize the F&B team.

Participants will experience “Culinary Pride®” through classroom style education, touring the property, and networking together. Takeaways include implementation tactics, team leadership and engagement best practices, a license to use the “Culinary Pride®” logo and more.

This program is customizable through conversations that define goals and priorities in advance of the live training.

Guest Chef Visit for A Wine Dinner or Special Pop-Up Restaurant

An opportunity to have your culinary team and chef work with Master Chef Edward Leonard, CMC, giving your members a special evening and creating a member experience like no other.

Trusted Consulting & Training Partners of ASB Hospitality

Chris has extensive training and facilitation experience within both the hospitality & healthcare industries. In the last 10 years he has trained or facilitated meetings with thousands of professionals on behalf of dozens of pharmaceutical companies and hospitality teams. A partial list of hospitality clients includes Sage, Stonebridge, Four Seasons, Marriott, Hunter’s Run CC, Laredo CC and Congressional CC.

Chris’s B.S. is in Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. His background in luxury hospitality service and leadership provides a strong operational and training foundation for his consulting, program facilitation and coaching. Audience engagement, crafting a message, delivery skills, PowerPoint, advanced interactivity, and leadership are topics about which Chris is passionate, and well-versed in, that add tremendous insight and value.

Chris’s energy and enthusiasm make learning exciting and fun for executives, healthcare, hospitality, and business professionals alike.

Chef Edward Leonard is one of only 73 Certified Master Chefs in the country and is one of four that also holds the master chef designation from Germany and World cooks society. Leonard is a recent winner of the 2021 ACF Innovation award for Culinary Arts along with being honored this September 2021 receiving the Culinary Excellence Award for Outstanding Executive Chef and Leadership for “Private Golf or Country Clubs “ at the third annual Golf Kitchen Culinary Excellence Awards at Glen Arbor Golf Club.

Chef Leonard spent 13 years with the leading British hotel and catering company, TrustHouse Forte, traveling the globe and based in New York City, holding positions as Corporate Chef of North America, Director of Operations, Vice President and Executive Vice President.  He has also been affiliated with hotels such as Plaza Athene, Westbury, and Watergate in DC along with high end dining rooms for corporations like NatWest Westminster Bank, General Electric, and American Express. Additionally, he spent eight plus years with the famed Westchester Country Club & Hotel. In his tenor, he placed the culinary program on the map in the club and resort world locally and globally and the club became the 12th ranked Platinum club in the country.

Chef is now director of culinary operations of Fresh Meadow Country Club where he is building a new culture with his “Culinary pride program “Chef is recognized at the highest level for his contributions and impact on the profession in the states and globally. His mentorship has taught and groomed many culinary professionals who are now leaders and executive chefs in the profession including the training of 4 certified master chefs. They say the legacy of a true chefs is what happens to those who leave his kitchens, chef Leonard has a trail of chefs he has impacted through the years.

Chef Leonard will be offering his Culinary Pride® through KK&W’s portfolio of food & beverage training options.

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