The people and teams we celebrate as “The Best” will tell you how hard they worked to achieve that status….They will tell you how they trained Every. Single. Day.

KK&W provides Food & Beverage training that focuses on the fundamentals, product knowledge, describing menu offerings, pairings, crafting a spiel, making recommendations, steps of service “do’s and don’ts,” emotional skills, habits, accountability and how to deliver exceptional service at a luxury level in line with today’s high guest expectations.

The core of our programming is growing passion and confidence. Our interactive workshops involve storytelling, sharing experiences, role playing, situational awareness and more. We connect your team to the experiences they are delivering by helping them enjoy the processes and products your club is extending to the membership.

The basics are HARD; the best teams, businesses and people across the globe spend time every day practicing the basics.  The basics are the foundation upon which excellence is developed.

When we train, we work with your employees and leaders to plant seeds of genuine interest for Food & Beverage.  We create the foundation of knowledge, then work with you to build systems, habits and tools by which excellence grows daily in within your food and beverage operations.

Client Testimonials

“When Edina Country Club decided to remodel the Club’s restaurants and re-imagine our member dining experience, I called Annette to help guide us through the process. With her knowledge, wit, easy demeanor and understanding of their circumstances, Annette connected with everyone from teenage wait assistants to accomplished managers Largely because of Annette’s influence this was the smoothest opening I have been a part of in my 20-year career.”

Bill Chrysler, General Manager, Edina Country Club

“I just wanted to congratulate you on a very successful training week. You are extremely knowledgeable in your field and you disseminated the key points with clear, concrete examples. Through your stories and scenarios, I gleaned some important tips to improve my service and hospitality. Thank you for the incredible amount of time and preparation that you put into your presentation.”

Tamara Foley, Bartender, Aronimink Golf Club

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“I think what sets me and my programs apart is my passion for training. I find I can relate to the teams I work with because I practice what I preach and share relevant stories – both wins and losses. To be the best at anything you have to train every day, and thankfully, I am able to achieve that through my industry projects, partnerships and friendships.”

Annette Whittley, Consultant and Search Executive

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KK&W helps golf clubs and private clubs with expert Food & Beverage training, planning, restaurant management consulting services including:

  • pdf Preparing your Food & Beverage Operation for a Successful Re-Open
  • Food & Beverage “Training Day”
  • F&B 101
  • Food 101
  • Food & Beverage Pairings
  • Wine 101
  • Sequence of Service 101
  • Spiel and making recommendations
  • How to bus a table
  • The Food and Beverage team player
  • Genuine acts of kindness and recognition
  • In Room Dining
  • Service team and leadership development
  • Development of effective F&B systems
  • Creation of training manuals and ongoing training schedules customized to individual organizations
  • Implementation of effective member communication tools to improve member engagement and awareness
  • Restaurant openings

For additional information on food & beverage training offerings please contact Annette Whittley directly at 561-827-1945 or

pdf  Fine Tuning Your Food & Beverage Service Annette Whittley

pdf 5 Pillars of Hospitality Training