We are the leaders in executive placement by providing our clients with exceptional candidates who are ethical, competent and capable.


The search process with KK&W is quite extensive and begins even before our Firm has been hired.

We are constantly sourcing and identifying potential candidates, even when they themselves are not looking for a new position.  Candidates are identified through a number of outlets locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  We have enormous outreach in our database including 4,000+ industry leaders who are either potential candidates or ‘talent scouts’ for our Firm in an email database.

The outreach and connections of our Team, developed in our collective more than 400 years of club experience, run far and wide and provide us with outstanding relationships with club managers AND non-club hospitality and related industry professionals, board and committee members and professionals in nearly every support segment of the industry; our connectivity to the industry is deeper than any other search firm in the business!

Only the most qualified candidates are presented for discussion and consideration of who to bring in for a personal interview.

Once selected for personal interviews, candidates are further vetted through professional private investigators that work with our firm to complete a “deep background” check, which includes ‘on the record’ referencing, criminal background check, sexual predator check, court filings, credentials verification, driving history, and other background searches.  In addition, the final candidates take a personality, skills and behavioral assessment that is designed to evaluate the candidate’s competencies in key areas of club management as well as other proficiencies.

KK&W manages all aspects of the search from beginning to the final hire and remain a partner with you into the future.

KK&W has a proven track record of placing candidates who possess integrity, competence, and compatibility with an organizations culture and environment. Turnover costs can be devastating for operations, not only in real dollars, but also in the loss of employee morale and member support if the right hiring decision is not made. With a typical search taking between 150 to 200 man hours, do you have someone with the time and experience to devote to the search effort?

A reputable study of newly hired club managers who failed within the first year at their respective clubs concluded, “Ninety-five percent of the time the failure occurs is because the evaluation of the candidate was faulty.”  That is what our Firm does on your behalf; we know the operational and volunteer leadership side of the business and have a vested interest to ensure the right “fit” of the candidate with the organization and its volunteer leadership!

Experience & Expertise

  • The KK&W Search Executives are experienced professionals with more than 400 years of combined work experience in the club industry.
  • Our Firm’s Principals have actually performed most of the same duties and had the responsibilities of the positions for which they are recruiting candidates, significantly improving the odds for long-term success.  And they have done it in ‘high expectation’ environments with great operational success!

Professionalism & Confidentiality

  • Recruits successfully employed candidates who require and deserve a high level of confidentiality.
  • Our searches are recognized and respected for their professionalism by both candidates and clients.

National & International Search Capability

  • Unsurpassed numbers of contacts and resources, with access to the best candidates in the business.
  • Richard Kopplin is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant in the golf and club industry.
  • Kurt Kuebler is nationally recognized as a leader in CMAA and speaks both nationally and internationally.
  • Tom Wallace regularly speaks at local and national CMAA educational events and has presented internationally.

Cost Effective

  • Proven track record of placing candidates who possess integrity, competence and compatibility with an organizations culture and environment.
  • We help you make the right hiring decision avoid unnecessary turnovers, which can be devastating for operations, not only in real dollars, but also in the loss of employee morale and member support.
  • A typical search takes between 150 to 200 man hours. Let us devote our time and experience to your search effort!


  • We offer a professional, responsive and relevant approach to finding the best ‘fit’ for the most important executive staff positions in your organization!
  • An on-going partnership with KK&W ensures your success and provides you with valuable consulting resources beyond the search.