Effective club leadership in today’s complex operating environment requires a mindset of growth, both for management and the board. A club that is growing is constantly learning. A club that is learning is regularly embracing new and better ways to serve its membership. A club that is dedicated to serving its membership is dedicated to developing its employees. When a club is aligned in strategy, operations, and governance that club becomes effective in providing exceptional value to its members.

Leadership at a higher level is about creating value, and we are dedicated to helping leaders focus their limited time on doing the right things in a manner that is sustainable. Experience in action: Brand Strategy Club Director – FALL 2020.

Coach Ted Gillary’s process involves inquisitive interactions so leaders can gain insight and authentic awareness about their circumstances. His techniques afford leaders the ability to recognize and choose their path forward with the support of coaching and accountability measures in place.  Leaders within Ted’s program own their successes and turn vision into reality.

Coaching services are fully customizable to personal or organizational needs, and below is a recommended framework of opportunities for consideration:

  • Accountability audit from COO to Mid-Management
  • Creating and sustaining a culture of collaboration
  • Achieving vision and goals through sustainable systems
  • Building a growth mindset at every level
  • Executive coaching (serving the client as a change agent)
  • Governing board assessment and goal setting

Contact Information:
Ted Gillary, CCM, CCE, ECM
Consultant and Search Executive
CMAA Fellow
Phone: 313-220-6140
Email: ted@kkandw.com