Private Club Consulting Podcast

Would you believe that the Club Management industry is one of the most challenging and difficult industries to succeed in? It takes a special type of person to thrive, and Tom Wallace is one of those people. With a career that spans from a young 14-year-old shoe shiner to his current role as a partner at one of the most respected consulting firms in the golf industry, Tom Wallace has seen it all.

On this episode of The GIG Podcast, Tom reveals his secrets to success and how he has successfully transitioned from a club manager to a consultant. He also outlines the traits that are critical for successful club management in this day and age, and how to find and work with great mentors. Be sure to tune in as Tom takes us through his career journey and provides some excellent insight into the world of Club Management.

“I always tell young people, if you’re somewhere where you’re not learning and you’re not growing, you need to leave.” – Tom Wallace

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Developing a Career in the Golf Industry: Learn from Tom Wallace’s journey from club manager to consultant and his advice for young professionals on how to find a mentor and approach networking.
  • Club Management Traits for Success: Understand the importance of self-awareness, mentorship, and the necessary skill sets for successful club management in today’s world.
  • The Role of a Club Manager: Discover how to be a “thought partner” for the members of a club and the importance of being creative, forceful, and respectful in disagreement.