I conducted another board retreat today, one of about 40 this past year.  They never get old. I was inspired by the enthusiasm this board had for their new GM/COO and the renewed engagement, energy and environment that has been perpetuated since his arrival!  And I was inspired by the fact that this board ‘gets it;’ they aren’t presumptuous or of the belief that they know more than their GM/COO (the person they’ve invested in and spent so much time recruiting a few months ago)!

I’m inspired by the fact that this board is enthused about creating accountabilities and an overall plan for their future. This in contrast to continuing a

[former] time honored tradition of making decisions ‘on the fly’ and without having much data other than the last few members they spoke to before walking into the boardroom.

I was inspired by the professionalism of the new GM/COO at the club and how thoughtful and prepared he was to share his thoughts and recommendations, even when knowing that at least a few of the board members held contrary perspectives…. at least until they heard his considered and pragmatic recommendations.

Finally, I was inspired when I got back to the office where I found a note from a student at this year’s CMAA World Conference, following up (as she promised she would) to let me know the results of her internship interviews and what she decided.  She expounded on her excitement to have been given a chance to work with one of the top managers in the country, who is known for his sincere mentorship and record of supporting committed young and aspiring hospitality students.  It was a great ‘connection’ of an impressive aspiring leader in the club industry with a GREAT and highly motivating current leader.

An inspiring day, indeed!  I hope you have a good dose of inspiration in your day as well!

– Kurt Kuebler

Kurt D. Kuebler 
Kurt D. Kuebler, CCM, is a Partner of Kopplin & Kuebler, LLC, The Most Trusted Names in Private Club Executive Placement.