Lawrence McFadden, CMC, ECM

Search & Consulting Executive

Lawrence McFadden has over thirty years of luxury hotel and club experience. His impressive career includes leadership roles with iconic brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, MGM Resorts and Casinos, The Greenbrier Hotel and Spa, The Waldorf Astoria, and Shangri La Hotels and Resorts of Hong Kong.

He held key corporate level positions that required keen partnership with various ownership groups, Boards of Trustee’s as well as celebrity chef brands. In these roles he was instrumental in the growth of both The Ritz-Carlton and Shangri-la Hotel groups’ global expansions. His division was responsible for over two hundred restaurant concepts opening over various continents.

Starting as an Executive Chef he was promoted to and assumed key food and beverage roles, eventually ascending to General Manager/COO of luxury club and resort properties. These roles position him as a strong partner for key stakeholders of ownership, guests/members, or operators.

Lawrence developed a great understanding of global hospitality habits when living in Hong Kong, Singapore, and various cities in the United States. His restaurant concepts stretch the globe touching on various cuisines, service styles, and business atmospheres.

An accomplished Certified Master Chef, as well an Honoree Doctorate from Johnson and Wales, allowed for culinary understanding and influence as a General Manager/COO.  While in the role he was honored with the Excellence in Club Management Mel Rex Award as top General Manager Nationally in the non-country club category.


Phone: 239-963-6888

Resources & Insights From Lawrence…

During interviews, I always ask chef candidates who taught them to cook. Make no mistake: this is not a simple question. Books could be written about how to answer and what the answer could potentially mean.

When I ask this question, I am frequently met with a pause or simply a sigh as they say, “My mother/aunt/father.” You can usually sense their smile and nostalgia through the phone as they describe this special and personal mentorship. I listen, then ask, “Who taught you to apply these cooking skills to a commercial kitchen?”…[read more]

A sincere welcome gives a sense of caring and makes others feel appreciated, as well as making them feel that they have made a good choice in being where they are.

I recently met with a new client who strolled into our breakfast meeting and, without a “hello,” announced, “I carry my own cold pressed juice because I don’t trust our local water.”

She was a client I had just flown in for, so I was already in the board room. This struck me as an odd way to greet a person you’ve never met. I approached for a greeting, but it was obvious her hands were full. She glided to an empty seat and then continued, “Where are the berries and the fruit for today’s meeting?” She was not speaking to me yet but then she asked, “Have you seen anyone who is supposed to set up?”

I had not, and as a chef, this gave me an uneasy feeling….[read more]

Recording dishes, experiences, ingredients and interactions can not only help chefs recall their travels, but also inspire them and those they mentor.

For a Christmas present years ago, I asked the Chef at the club where I was working for his pastry crème recipe. After some back and forth, he gifted me a framed recipe titled “Unforgettable Pastry Crème.” I planned to make fruit tarts that Saturday using his famous recipe.

When I looked closer at the recipe, I realized it was entirely in French with metric measurements and no procedure. (Merry Christmas to you as well, Chef.)

This got me thinking about all my handwritten recipes with drawn pictures…[read more]

Culinary excellence is a lonely road that can only be improved with sound strategies. A great chef knows this and finds clever ways to influence those around them. That chef frequently preaches to department heads about the importance of culinary perfection for the member or guest and is willing to go to great lengths to improve the offering.

In 1999, I arrived in Naples, Fla. to serve as the Executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton. I was the third chef to assume the role in the property’s fifteen-year history. The hotel was a luxury property with five restaurants, a spa, and multiple catering venues inside and outside the walls. It was a daunting job placing my mark on such a high-profile organization’s Eastern flagship property. Yet, here I was ready to begin…[read more]