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KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE is the leader in education and sharing our ideas and knowledge with our colleagues in the industry. Since our firm’s founding, we have been committed to furthering the growth of our industry’s students, junior managers and current leaders.

Our new Podcast series adds a new and readily accessible means for us to keep on sharing our team’s experience and vision with you as you continue on your path to success.

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Best & Brightest Series

Club Executive of the Year, Brett Morris, has an awesome story beginning his career in culinary arts and now leading a remarkable operation at The Club at Admirals Cove. In this segment Brett highlights how being a chef prepared him for executive leadership, what inspires his creativity, and what fuels the high level of team engagement he has been able to achieve.

In this episode our guests look back on the lessons learned early in their careers, for Richard LaRocca as a caddy and Mark Bado as an accountant. They highlight the importance of family and how being surrounded by good people has impacted their professional journey. In looking forward they agree on being inspired by the industry’s next generation of leaders and discuss what continues to develop their #LeadershipCharacter. Before signing off, podcast host and Club Communication Strategist, Corey Saban, presents a bonus question….What is your secret talent?!

In this segment Carmen Mauceri and Joel Livingood share what has influenced their leadership styles and the value in learning from the professionals and members around them. They talk about what motivates them, how they find balance, and how they manage stress. They share stories of facing challenges with confidence and round out the discussion with a bonus question from our podcast host, Club Communication Strategist, Corey Saban.

In this segment with Matt Lambert and Rick Bayliss we hear about the value in industry relationships, both in friendship and motivation. They also discuss the importance of mentoring the next generation of club managers and the significance in team successes. And, as a bonus, the gentlemen share a list of great reads and what they would title their autobiography…

Curious to know what inspires the best and brightest in our industry? In a new series of episodes, Tom Wallace brings you conversations on leadership, motivation, and in this segment with Christine Pooler and Marcie Mills, favorite music from high school. You know it’s going to be good when you can hear laughter behind the intro…

KK&W Leadership Podcast

In this episode, dive into the experiences and motivations of International team member, Michael Herd. Discover what inspired him to join the KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE team and gain insight into his approach to working private club executive search and consulting.

Search Executive and Consultant, Armen Suny, shares his career experiences in agronomy spanning championship golf, Las Vegas, golf course construction, and more….ultimately ending up consulting with private clubs looking to hire Directors of Agronomy and Golf Course Superintendents. He highlights aligning candidates with club culture and values in addition to balancing search committee priorities. The lessons learned along the way are insightful and offer a great foundation for the trends and challenges facing golf course management.

KK&W partner, Kurt Kuebler, highlights traits consistent across top industry leaders placed at private clubs across the country. The advice and insight shared in this segment offers clear direction and opportunities for professional development as you work towards attaining career goals in the private club industry.

In this segment hospitality trainers and consultants, Annette Whittley and Kate Buhler, merge their expertise to discuss similarities and common trends relevant to Luxury Hotels and Private Clubs. They discuss changes in operations, talent strategy and share predictions for future areas of focus.

Paul Levy has created a storied career path. In this episode host, Corey Saban, encourages Paul to share highlights from his journey along with advice for golf professionals looking to advance their position in the industry.

KK&W Partner, Kurt Kuebler, joins podcast host, Corey Saban, for a conversation on key elements resulting in high performing search committees and the formula for identifying a group of contributing private club members that are successful in their mission of selecting leadership talent. Kurt also shares consistent qualities and abilities that make top candidates stand out to decision-makers. In rounding out the discussion, Kurt finishes by addressing the roles and responsibilities of search committee members once their selection has been appointed into their new role…

Are you a club manager looking to take your career to the next level? In this segment consultant and search executive, Michael Smith, reflects on his career journey and experiences as a GM/COO. Michael shares his perspective on the attributes of great AGMs, the role an executive leader plays in the success of their #2, what members and search committees value in club managers, the right time to seek career advancement, and more….

Dick Kopplin teams up with Patrick Nelson, CEO of Loyalty Point Leadership, for a conversation on the lessons that have continued to evolve throughout their careers. They talk about self-awareness and tactics for objectively identifying strengths, weakness and blind spots. They share how they have progressed in managing their reactions and formulating responses in situations that are difficult and emotional. They discuss what servant leadership means to them and within a team of employees. And lastly, they share their advice for future leaders…be a good listener, be 15 minutes early, find a mentor and learn from those that came before you….

Competition for culinary talent is fierce and this podcast segment brings you perspective from the trenches of recruitment and retention. Private club industry consultant and search executive, Annette Whittley, spotlights the qualities she sees Search Committees and Members consistently value in leading Executive Chef candidates. Additionally, Annette covers what club managers need prioritize to retain and grow the teams fueling their kitchens and dining experiences.

Kurt Kuebler of Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace and Joe Beditz of the National Golf Foundation explore data insights from the record rounds of golf clubs experienced in 2020.

“If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life,” agrees Henry Wallmeyer in response to one of Tom Wallace’s top three questions on leadership…

If you missed the recent NCA conference, Tom and Henry reflect on their most memorable takeaways from the event education and networking opportunities. Additionally, learn more about what drives the organization, their #PrivateClub advocacy efforts and their approach to #IndustryLeadership.

Racquets search executive and consultant, Len Simard, shares what’s trending when it comes to the qualities private clubs are looking for in their Director of Racquets.

Career strategist and search executive, Michelle Riklan, offers advice on crafting a professional resume and LinkedIn profile that highlights your attributes, creatively communicates value and puts you top of mind.

Dick Kopplin and Tim Wegscheid share stories of how Tee It Up For The Troops came to be and how private clubs are supporting veterans while creating memorable moments for their club members.

Kurt Kuebler and Steve Graves reflect on recent conversations with private club leaders, from Hawaii to New York and numerous stops between, on how they are responding to capacity issues, the significance of strategic stewardship, and making decisions while facing evolving supply and demand influences.

Meeting the Support & Development team at KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE – Nan Fisher, Patty Sprankle, Holly Weiss

Dick Kopplin of KK&W and Nick Weir of Little Owl Entertainment Talk Music, Friendship and Shows for the Country Club Industry

Creating a People Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated
To achieve your Club’s goals, it is critical to get your talent plan right, so in this podcast, we will touch on all things People. Listen in to hear Jodie Cunningham, HR/Talent Strategist and Consultant with Kopplin, Kuebler and Wallace, discuss the importance of conducting an HR Audit to help you design strong teams, hire the best talent, inspire employee performance and develop your managers.

Commitment, dedication, success. Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace the most trusted name in executive search and consulting welcomes you to the KK&W podcast where we delve deep into the not so simple art of hospitality. Your host award-winning journalist, compelling storyteller, and video strategist Corey Saban talks with KK&W’s own Annette Whittley about New Intentions for the New Year!

Meeting the Support & Development team at KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE – Patty Sprankle, Katy Eliades, Hannah Eanes