Do you ever wonder what it takes to rise through the ranks and thrive in the club world? This episode of Private Club Radio features a fascinating conversation with Tom Wallace, an award-winning manager and partner at KK&W. From shining shoes as a teenager at a country club to becoming the general manager at Oakmont Country Club, Tom shares his incredible journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

We uncover the secrets of Tom’s success, including his holistic approach to human capital and the importance of creating an employer of choice culture. Stay interviews, leveraging relationships with members, and giving young professionals the opportunity to provide feedback are essential ingredients to success. Get ready to absorb invaluable insights on recruitment, orientation, training, recognition, retention, and team development that can benefit any club.

Wrapping up our conversation, Tom highlights the power of relationships and networking in the club world. We discuss how clubs can create value for members beyond initiation fees and dues, the significance of self-awareness, and painting a vision for the club. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Tom Wallace’s wealth of experiences and expertise in the club world.