Jack Sullivan led our Board and Senior team members through an extensive and thought provoking strategic planning process which resulted in a sustainable plan for us to follow. Our Board and management team are now focused on agreed upon key initiatives rather than each going in separate directions. Our Board reports results quarterly at Board meetings and we will report results to our membership at the end of the year. Jack brought a great deal of experience and energy to the process along with best practices from other clubs. We are very pleased with the overall result.
Kevin Carroll, CCM, GM/COO - Atlanta Athletic Club, Johns Creek, GA
Jack, I wanted to thank you again for a great retreat. I’m so pleased with the overall day and the ultimate outcome. All of the board members with whom I’ve spoken have expressed their pleasure with the process and outcome as well. Those board members who have participated in our past few retreats feel this was by far the best.

The upfront work you did getting to know our Club and time you spent with Greg and staff, prior to the retreat, were very beneficial to the quality of our day. This coupled with your industry expertise resulted in a comprehensive and effective planning session. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Debby Grauman, President - Round Hill Country Club, Alamo, CA
Dear Jack,

I want to express my thanks on behalf of our board of directors for your expert and professional efforts in facilitating the design of our club’s vision and mission. Now, after transitioning from a developer owned to member owned club, your experience and expertise has helped substantially in creating action plans as well as identifying a club culture focused on the future. From situational analysis to the establishment of goals and targets, your guidance has given us the tools for implementation and establishment of a sound strategic plan. We look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship with you.

Frank Percuoco, President - The Golf club at Palmira, Inc., Bonita Springs, FL
Over the past year, in conjunction with the Board of Directors and membership of the Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club, I have had the pleasure to work closely Mr. Jack Sullivan from Kopplin & Kuebler. With his expertise and guidance we have re-created and implemented a brand new Strategic Plan for the club. Jack was not only the impetus but the facilitator throughout the entire process. His expertise, knowledge and experience was invaluable in creating this “living document” for our club. Jack’s background in managing and operating some of our country’s finest clubs proved beneficial throughout the entire process. Thank you to Mr. Jack Sullivan and the Kopplin & Kuebler team for their guidance and support!
Peter Cizdziel, General Manager/COO - Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club, Estero, FL
When we decided that Bethesda Country Club needed to organize its first Strategic Planning Session, our first thought was use K&K. I knew that K&K would bring professionalism, experience, and a process with which my board could embrace and understand. We came out of the day in a half meeting with a clear vision of our branding and a tight list of action plans to address our goals.

Kurt and Jack facilitated our strategic planning and the process allowed us to really dig deep in to our branding identity. After this process our vision and mission were crystal clear. In addition we felt the strategic planning process K&K walked us through instilled a great deal of confidence in our market positioning, which in turn allowed for some very strategic goal setting

Brad Cance, General Manager/COO - Bethesda Country Club, Bethesda, MD