Ask Nan: “Is it Time for a Tune Up?”

With Kopplin & Kuebler it is not all about executive placement. Our commitment to the club business is to provide services to clubs that ensure a vibrant and healthy industry. Having worked with many clubs over the last couple of years that have gone through astonishing measures to stay alive and thrive, we would like to share the tried and true results with you.

Now comes the “Tune Up” part. Just like your vehicle, your Club needs to have a tune up every once in awhile to keep it running smoothly. Dick, Kurt and Niall would be happy to evaluate your current operations to make sure they are running efficiently and effectively.

“Tune Up” your Club in this economy with these successful programs:

  • Strategic Board Retreat: Half-day workshop refocusing the Board on the top five strategic objectives to enhance their club right now.
  • Team Development: Half-day workshop identifying specific strategies that assist department managers in facing the variety of challenges in the club business.
  • Board Dynamics/Model Clubs: Two-hour seminar addressing critical issues facing General Manager/COOs and their Boards in today’s club environment.

These programs can be designed to your specific needs as well. Need a “Tune Up?” Just give us a call. – NF

Nan Fisher
Nan has worked with Dick Kopplin for over 10 years. She is the Administrative Manager at Kopplin & Kuebler. E-mail your “Ask Nan” questions