Who are you? Do you have a brand, an identity? “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom,” Socrates tells us. If you haven’t done the work of introspection to answer that question, I recommend you do. It is truly the first day of the rest of your life when you can answer the question, “Who am I?”

What about your Club? Do you know your Club? I’m sure you have a mission statement. I’m sure you have a cursory idea, at least, of your demographics. You probably have the full details of your amenities. You should be aware of your leadership style. Most of us know those things. But how many of us really know our club’s story? The uniqueness, the traditions, the intangibles that make up who we are as a Club.

What about your operations? Is there a common and consistent thread? Are you proactive with policies in place that enhance your culture, or are you reactive, moving in whatever direction the wind or our members take us?

Over and over I see operations that aren’t uniform or tight. There is no manual of Standard Operating Procedures, there’s not an Operational Mission Statement. Time and time again I run into Club Mission Statements for positioning in the marketplace, but they say nothing authentic. Time and time again, I see websites that provide a whole list of features and sometimes even benefits (you do remember to paint pictures with benefits and not just features, right?), but rarely do I see the story of a club. Who is this club and why do I belong there? Because the club has two golf courses, friendly members, good food and is beautiful? That tells me nothing.

Today consider a different perspective. Brainstorm your story with your team. Create a list of adjectives and nouns first, being as specific as possible. Choose the top ten and insert verbs. You might just have yourself a brand description when you’re done.

Republished from BoardRoom Briefs

Tom Wallace, CCM, CCE, ECM is a partner with KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE, a consulting firm providing executive search, strategic planning and data analysis services to the private club and hospitality industries. Tom can be contacted at tom@kkandw.com. Manon “Max” Passino Deboer, CAM, Director of Marketing & Membership, The Club at Mediterra.